Thank you for your interest in writing for one of our magazines. We have two types of submissions:
1. LOCAL BUSINESS COLUMNS/ARTICLES: These are typically tied with an advertising buy and are written by the local business then edited by our LLP editorial team. Sometimes we run columns by non-advertisers, as well with by-line and headshot of writer.  We do not pay writers for these pieces. Often, a new advertiser is offered a complimentary write up with their first insertion as part of a 6X contract.  1X advertisers are not included in this special offer.
Word Count:
1/4 page column: 175 words
1/2 page column: 350 words
Full page column (rare, speak with Associate Publisher): 500 words
These columns can not be promotional in nature. You would need to buy an ad to promote your business. These columns are informational, instructional, inspirational and locally focused on a specific topic. A local business would write a “column” in order to promote themselves as a local “expert” in a subject matter.  Or, the client may use the space to introduce a special event, invitation or new product!
2. FEATURE ARTICLES: We take local submissions by local writers first. Then we expand from there if we don’t have a writer locally for a topic of interest to our readers. We have regular columnists in a variety of topics (golf, pets, music, art, health, tennis, interior design, advice, real estate, finance) so check with us first to be sure your area of expertise is not already committed. We do run three to four local feature articles per issue. The feature articles should be hyper-locally focused on Roswell, only.
Guidelines/Compensation: Writers must adhere to the following word count:
  • submit in word doc, pre-edited
  • 350 words for 1/2 page articles, ($35)
  • 500 words for 1 page articles, ($50)
  • 700 words for 2 page articles, ($75)
  • 850 words for 3 page articles, ($100)
  • all images submitted need to be 300 dpi, CMYK, high resolution
  • do not pre-format the article with special margins or spacing or font. It needs to be in basic Microsoft Word, Calibri or Times font, pre-edited and not over the allowed word count.
Submit as an attachment to an email