Valentine’s Day might be a little overrated and overhyped; but to newlyweds, the newly dating, and mothers with young children, this lovers’ day appears to continue to hold a most special meaning.

We took an unofficial poll of Roswell women to find out what they secretly want most from their significant others on February 14th. No joke. Every single one of them said two things: a dinner date and a pampering gift certificate. Oh, and be sure to add a mushy card to seal the occasion! We are making it simple by listing some of our readers’ favorite choices.

Foundation Social Eatery

Osteria Mattone

Peach and the Porkchop

Table & Main

The Big Ketch

El Porton Mexican Restaurant

Tutto Kitchen & Bar

Tokyo Bay Buffet

Mill Kitchen & Bar

Choices To You
(gift certificates)

LaVida Massage

Waxing the City

Korsi Yoga

Healing Touch of the Dove

Remedy Healing Arts

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