Osteria Mattone/Table & Main’s
Executive Chef Woolery Back was kind enough to share his recipe for Cranberry Kumquat just in time for Thanksgiving.

6 ounces kumquats quartered lengthwise and seeds removed
20 ounces fresh cranberries
1.5 cups sugar
1 cup honey
2 cups water

Bring sugar, honey and water up to a boil in a sauce pot. Add kumquats and cook them till the skin is translucent. Using a slotted spoon remove kumquats from the sugar water. Add cranberries and turn heat down to a simmer. Cook until the cranberries become soft. About 11 minutes. Add kumquats and chill till ready to use. This recipe can be made up to five days ahead of time

Table & Main, 1028 Canton Street
Osteria Mattone, 1095 Canton Street
tableandmain.com •osteriamattone.com

Foundation Social Eatery’s
Chef and Owner Mel Toledo also kind to share his wonderful recipe for Roasted brussels sprouts and sherry bacon vinaigrette.

1 Cup small diced bacon
1 Cup small diced shallot
1 TBSP rosemary and thyme, finely chopped
¼ Cup sherry vinegar
¼ Cup maple syrup
5 Cups brussels sprouts, roasted
2 TBSP toasted bread crumbs

Slowly cook bacon until crispy, render out bacon fat. Remove and reserve bacon. Sautee shallots, rosemary, & thyme in the rendered bacon fat, cook until tender. Add crispy bacon back to the pan. Add sherry vinegar and maple syrup. Bring to a boil. Add EVOO, toss with roasted brussels sprouts. Top with toasted bread crumbs.

Foudation Social Eatery,1570 Holcomb Brg Rd.

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