One thing that Chuck Staley knew when he opened Peach & The Porkchop just over a year ago, is that today’s dining guests want to know exactly where their food is coming from and they demand the highest quality, freshest ingredients available.

In designing the menu at this Roswell neighborhood restaurant, Staley researched the local farms that he could tap to provide the hormone free, all natural foods that would fit into his North meets South menu.  “We found the best local farms with the most responsible practices to supply us with fresh eggs, produce and meats … not only for our adult menus, but for our children’s menu as well,” reflects Chuck.  “At most restaurants, the adult menu is filled with garden-fresh ingredients, while the kids are given a choice between frozen chicken fingers or pre-packaged Mac & Cheese.  One of our focal points at Peach& The Porkchop is to provide the same high quality ingredients for both adults and children, and that’s why there are more than 20 different farm fresh dishes on our children’s menu,” concludes Staley.

The local farms that provide these ingredients are all located within a 25 mile radius of Roswell and are run by local Georgians who take pride in the products they produce.  Some of these farms include Circle A Farms in Cumming (hydroponically grown lettuce as well as basil and Kale), Fat Land Farms (our neighbor in Roswell produces non-GMO Eggs, Honey and a variety of pesticide-free produce), Morning Glory Farms in Cedartown (supplies us with Pigs, Chickens and Turkeys as well as Melons, Peaches, Peppers and a variety of fresh Herbs), Maxwell Farms in Dallas, Georgia (fresh jams and preserves as well as pickles and relishes) and Gazaway Farms in Cumming (has wonderful fresh sausage and produce such as Broccoli, Pecans, Carrots, Cabbage and Watermelon).

Executive Chef Benjamin Thornton always insures that the meats he’s using to create dishes like Bone-In Cowboy Ribeye are steroid-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free from Meyer’s All Natural Red Angus Beef to Nueske’s bacon and Chicken from Springer Mountain Farms, Prestige Farms and Mar Jac.   Seafood is just the same, relying on relationships with local fisherman and purveyors for the shrimp in their signature Shrimp & Grits.

If you know of a great local farm producing wonderful products, please let either Chuck or Chef Benjamin know, next time you’re enjoying a meal filled with these farm fresh ingredients at Peach & The Porkchop.

Peach & The Porkchop is located in Roswell at 12040 Etris Road, D100. They are open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday, lunch during the week and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. For more information you can check out

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